Famous Korean Dramas:

Korean stars are not just limited to acting, singing or dancing yet they like to test their diversity in all roles of the entertainment industry. Mostly, a Korean actor is as talented as a singer or dancer for example, in the most popular series of 2018 My ID is Gangnam Beautyactor Cha Eun-woo was a member of the South Korean boy band named Astro. Also, the famous singer Bae Suzy of girl group Miss A under JYP entertainment challenged her luck in the drama industry and became famous only in some days. A long way from the slender showcasing ploy that blend singing and acting acts in American and European culture regularly, K-stars are skilled in it.

Not all the people know about what the word ‘Ayego’ means or you say sweetheart as ‘oppa’ in the Korean language and even they say love has no language but to express love in the Korean language you will say ‘Saranghae’. This language mixture made the K-culture more popular not only in Asian countries but also more accessible in the west world. So if you are a fan of K-entertainment and want to explore their drama industry so we have a list of super hit dramas for you:

Boys over flowers:

From the earliest starting point, you will appreciate the storyline and its progress (well it went out to be amazing). Rom-Com dramas are not a new thing in the drama industry but many of them got you bored and tired.Be that as it may, this one will feel rather reviving and despite the fact that you haven't completed you can still want to dive into the K-world.

Now talking about characters- GeumJan-di became the super-girl from the moment she stepped in (I mean who doesn't like a strong female protagonist).  Goo Joon-Pyoplayed by our king of hearts none other than Lee Min Ho was every teenage girl’s bad boy dream. Initially, his character was depicted as an arrogant, egotistic and spoiled rich kid who gave a tough time to Joon pyo.

The Heirs:

The Heirs –the drama I am living for. If you didn’t like the drama series boys over flowers and find a bit childish then surely give a try to this best super hit k drama. The cast is pretty amazing including Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Hyung Shik, Krystal, Kim Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul. Our king, Lee Min Hu plays the role of the lover every girl dreams about Kim Tan. You will wonder how the director even managed to keep them all in a single drama! Seeing the cast itself will make one excited about it. It was fun to watch all the characters. The plot was not something new, it was kind of predictable. You may find it confusing at the beginning because it is a bit complex how all the characters are related to one another.Everyone in the drama is rich except for Park shin hye. Her character is kind of simple which was able to attract Kim Tan and Cha Young do’s attention. You may feel pity at some point for Kim woo bin and even may pity Kim ji won.

One thing I’m sure about you will love the way how Kim tan deals with his thoughts and how he loves his girl with his heart and thinks that love would be enough for him to live instead of being an heir of a rich and successful organization.Kim Woo-bin teaches us that true love isn't always what we get but for it the respect and care.

W –The Two Worlds:

This drama series is a heaven for comics and K-vibe series fans as it is a mixture of them both. The prince charming, the handsome and the oppa Lee Jong Suk is the main lead with fellow actress Han Hyo-joo. It's one of the unique storylinesyou will watch in a k-drama. If you are tired of typical happy endings and silly romantic type of dramas then this drama serial has everything. I’m sure you will be glued to the story and kept on watching the next episode to find out what happens next.

The drama revolves around two worlds one the real world just like us and the other is in a comic book. The gate between both the worlds is a graphic designing tool. Kang Chul, the male lead plays an amazing job of a super intelligent billionaire and had a lovely personality that every girl will die for.  The female lead Yeonis a physician and perfectly shows a beautiful chemistry between her and the Lee Jong Suk. Moreover, The CGs and sketching in the whole drama were so on point. In short, a romantic-action drama series everyone wants.

Descendants of the Sun:

This Army-Medical drama won the hearts of viewers from all over the world. One of the finniest drama series that shows the relationship of two working professionals from differentfailed is very difficult. The hero Son Joong Ki being the soldier and the heroine Song Hye-kye being doctor, start to date but due to some situations ends up in a breakup. This show has a beautiful essence of love,fun, and music. If u like action comedy and romance this is a complete package of all.