K-Pop short for Korean-Pop is not a new word you will hear on the internet or yourdaily entertainment news channel. The tropical hair color, the unique makeup, the dancing moves, the transitional music videos and most importantly the Korean lingo had turned this music generic into sort of a music genre. The world is loaded of fresh art, music, movies and all other sorts of entertainment but K-pop has its uniqueness. Whenever you will hear the word ‘’k-pop’’ a band will come into your mind with pink, blue and other neon colored hairs, eyes dunk in black liner, rosy-pinkish lips and glass plain skin. In this article, Lets discussthe unique beauty of k-pop:

The Outfits and the Hues:

Traditionally Koreans wear Hanbok which colors represent different concepts like unmarried ladies donned yellow to demonstrate their chastity, while couples sported red during their wedding function to symbolize favorable luck and riches. Other than that, the more hues and examples, for example, mythical beasts and tigers showed eminence or honorability. It’s a well-known fact that Korean artists are respected for their dance and songs, yet numerous individuals likewise admire them to pick up understanding into the following trends. The vast majority of the outfits worn by K-Idols might be too style forward to wear, in actuality, and are expected to be worn in front of an audience, however the key is with some restraint — simply select a few styles to consolidate in your everyday wear, and don't attempt them all simultaneously.

Celebrity Temperament:

K-pop has seemingly taken the idea of blending vocals with move moves to its zenith. Be that as it may, culminating each progression of these quick paced, extravagantly arranged move schedules, music recordings, live exhibitions and fiercely mainstream practice sessions posted on the web we can easily distinguish K-celebs by their unique and eye catching personality. K-Idols are not afraid of colors yet they like to play along with it. Rainbow colored stripes, tropical hairdos, tie-dye, statement jackets, uniform, long coats, subtle makeup and the slandered sparkle are signature sings of Korean celebrities in all over the world.

The extreme challenge extends to incorporate K-pop opponents competing to top the outlines just as the ever-more youthful new alumni entering the business every year.


Just like other Asian countries, SouthKorea students require to learn the English language from an early stage. Korean singers took advantage of this early learning and mixed the English language with their traditional Korean language. This mixture of culture among their music videos and song lyrics is one of the main reason for their popularity all over the world. Not all the people know about what the word ‘Ayego’ means or you say sweetheart as ‘oppa’ inthe Korean language and even they say love has no language but to express love in the Korean language you will say ‘Saranghae’. This language mixture made the K-culture more popular not only in Asian countries but also more accessible in the west world.


Korean stars are just limited to acting, singing or dancing yet they like to test their diversity in all roles of the entertainment industry. Mostly, an actor is as talented as a singer or dancer for example, in the most popular series of 2018 My ID is Gangnam Beautyactor Cha Eun-woo was a member of the South Korean boy band named Astro. Also, the famous singer Bae Suzy of girl group Miss A under JYP entertainment challenged her luck in the drama industry and become famous only in a number of days. A long way from the slender showcasing ploy that blend singing and acting acts in American and European culture regularly are, K-stars are skilled.

Gangnam Style to BTS:

Not so long ago when in 2012 The Gangnam Style music video became the very first video to reach 1 billion views on the YouTube and topped the South Korean music chart. Its dance became so famous that even the politicians like David Cameron and the president of U.S. Barack Obama attempted it. Since then, it had broken the maximum view limit of 9,223,372,036,854,775,808, or more than nine quintillions.

But the Korean wave of culture is not just limited to this extent, the famous boy band with all the up-mentioned characteristics ‘’BTS’’ is currently the reason forthe success and popularity of this decade. BTS stands for BangTon Boys. This seven membered group originally started their music career as hip-hop genre but with the passage of time their music evolved. Most of their lyrics contain current world personal and social issues and problems like mental health, educational issues, Youth tensions, and most importantly self-love. Their music videos with the latest effects, unique dancing moves, signature tropical hair and most significantly English-Korean mixture helped them to win hearts all over the world. They won several award all over the world like The Billboard Music Awards, Several Asian Artist Awards, and American Music Award.

Famous Korean Songs:

If you are a beginner to K-world then there is a list of best Korean songs for you to follow-up: