Latest Kashmir Issue:

 Since our childhoods we have been seeing the deadliest news about the a particular piece of the worlds, which is being known as Kashmir. Before going into further details let me discuss the geographical importance of Kashmir. Kashmir since the birth of Pakistan and India, is termed as diputed territory of the world. Kashmir is one of the beautiful natural places in the world. With a lot of greenery and eye popping river flows with beautiful meadows, the Kashmir is termed as Jannah of this temporay world.

But who knows about the brutal bloodshed caused by Indians for more than 72 years since independence. With much beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains and forests, Kashmir is one of the beautiful places in the world.  Being a beautiful place in the world, Kashmir is enriched with natural fruits and vegetables beyond your expectations. As a matter of fact, the lack of latest technology just makes it bit difficult for the visitors to live in there. But it is good to have no latest technologies in the backward areas of Kashmir.

The reason is that people used to spend or enjoy beautiful moments of their life in Kashmir. Everything appears more natural and awe inspiring, you donot have to worry about your work and other matters of daily life. But, with heavy artilleries in the beautiful place just damages the beauty of this beautiful place. From the past few weeks, Kashmir has been in the news of almost every news channel in the world. All of this happened just after the BJP the rulling party of Indian Democaracy has just made some important amendments in the constitution on Indian.

From the past 10 or more years, the religious activists under the government of BJP has just crossed limit of cruelity and have been targeting the minorities in India especially Muslims.  All other religions are not feeling peaceful  against extremism of Hindus. The governing political and extremist party of India BJP, has been involved in different extremist acts against Muslims. One of them was demolition of Babary Mosque in Gujrat in early 90’s. The Hindu extremist have murdered hundreds of Muslims at that time and destroyed the Muslims’ Mosque brutally.

At that time, current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, known for his extremists actions all around the world. He is a type of man who always indulges himself in numerous extremist situations for all 365 days. Due to his worst action regarding Kashmir, the chances of nuclear war are its extent. He has been indulging his state and army in huge war of the world. For the past 72 years, both Pakistan and India had 4 destructive wars till date. The first war was 1948 war, where Indian army got a jaw breaking response from Pakistani Army.

Same is the case with the 1965 Indo-Pak war, where both nations have dominated each others territories and Pakistan has destroyed a huge portion of Indian Army. In 1971, Indian Army attract the eastern territory of Pakistan and as a result Bangladesh takes a birth as a new nation in the world. Therefore, till now the 16 December is being considered as black day in the history of Pakistan. Later, both the armies fought a battle of Kargil again in 1999. This time the Pakistani Army has dominated a huge piece of Indian Border and pushed them back in their territory.

All of these wars are being fought between both countries for showing their dominance on Kashmir. However, the violations of cease fire have been started by Indian Army over regular intervals. At the start of current year, the tensions between both the countries arose again with a possibility of a huge war. The cease fire violation from Indian Army, Navy and Airforce has been made in mid of February. As a result, the Indian Army received a befitting response from Pakistani Army, Air force, and Navy. At the end of February, the Indian Airforce violated the Pakistani Air space and claimed to have killed more than 300 terrorist and mean while Pakistan denies all that tragedy with proofs.

And a day after, Pakistan Air force retaliated with a super surprise and targeted various locations across LOC. Meanwhile, the Indian Airforce warcrafts entered Pakistani Air space and get caught and shot down immediately. However India still denies that truth. On the other hand, Pakistan has proved them wrong with proofs. Pakistan shot down two Indian Jets  and caught Indian Pilot. The Indian Pilot was then released by Pakistani Authorities few days after that tragic situation as a good will gesture.

However, the Indian Army continues to violate the ceasefire across LOC and murdered dozens of Pakistanis living across the LOC. This is the preface of the situation till date. Soon after the amendment in the constitutions. The Indian Government has pushed thousands of Army personels in IOK to keep things in their control. But, the Kashmiri’s want freedom and desire to become a part of Pakistan. However, the Pakistani officials have reached all their neighbors and friends to support on Kashmir cause. Pakistan has cut down all trade and diplomatic ties with Indian and pushed the Kashmir case in UN assembly. Most of the International organizations have already condemn this act of India.