News Channels:

News channels are typically a primary piece of TV transmission and it’s a white lie if someone says they sit in front of the TV and never turned upthe news. Likewise news is an answer to an individual whoand needs to accomplish something with respect to increasing most recent learning in different fields. News is significant in any field as they make us mindful of most recent patterns, changes and the states all around the world. Here in this article, we will discuss why news and watching news channels are important aspects:

The students are an investment and an asset of any country. News channels satisfy student’s instructive needs and benefits them in increasing learning. They get the most recent general information with respect to current undertakings of their country and thewhole world. News channel will help to increase student’s IQ level which will help them in tests, rivalries, discussions and entry tests. Teachers can knew about the exact facts and figures and can help the students to understand them.

The main benefit of new channels goes to the Businessmen. All the market status, trends, and up-down are discussed in news bullet-ins. For example; the current rate of gold, silver or bit coins, the need and demand of customers and consumers, the accelerating arrows of the stock exchange, petrol and petroleum products prices.

Change is the only constant in this world. Government polices changes from now and then, new polices are streamlined on the news channels and people become aware of them. For example, Government employs pay and grade scale changes yearly and new polices are developed for current as well as retired employees. Moreover, Workers have consistently to think about new companies and friends status. They can know about new opportunities, government declarations with respect to private segments, ongoing advances and new fields in which they can get great advantage.

Writers like us, are always in search of new, current and trendy topics to talk about. New channels provide them vast platform to do a secondary research on those topics and write blogs and articles in newspapers, websites and magazines. Writers can also send their own topics to news channel to be a part of on-air discussion. This will benefit them economically as well help in getting famous.

The volunteers and social workers who are working for the betterment of the society are most significant for the news channels. The report the unnoticed or hidden issues of the society either in articles or in a talk show. Many this decade problems like depression, anxiety, and obesity were discussed in talk shows and morning shows by social workers and it clearly helped in declining the suicidal rates among the teenagers.

News channels also benefits the administrators and the law implementers as they can outline the laws as indicated by the present needs of the individuals.Because of the expanding effects of news channels they have another task to carry out as a partner of the general public. By their great endeavors and careful inclusion of news, news channels can truly draw out an adjustment in the general public. Along these lines as well as can be expected be actualized and basic man will be profited by this.

Pakistan first semi government news channel PTV stands for ‘’ Peoples Television Network’’. The PTV launched their first satellite broadcasting services in 1991-1992 and their official channel was started in 1992 with the name PTC-2. It was renamed in 1998 as PTV World. In the same year, they started partnership with a company named Prime Entertainment Network and exclusively broadcasted for European and American viewers. But in 1999 it was closed due to financially losses and taken over by a PTV channel with name Chaneel-3.

As like all advancements of twentieth century, the government of Pakistan allowed the private news channels and provide a new platform for the news media. In 2000, first private satellite channel of Pakistan Indus Vision was launched. Following its footprints ARY Digital was launched in 2001, Geo TV in 2002, and Aaj TV in 2004. These private channels then extended their wings and now owns several entertainments channels. Here is the list of them:

 PTV or PTV Home: The National broadcasters:

Others are private channels and their private wings:

ARY Digital Network:


Geo TV Network:


 Hum TV Network:

  Indus TV Network:

Aaj TV Network:

Express TV Network:


What do you think which news channel in Pakistan is better and trusted than others? Here is the result of a poll to research about public feedback about private news channels:

AAJ News 70.24%

AbbTakk TV 60.56%

ARY News 85.79%

Dawn News 70%

Dunya News 80%

Express News 83.33%

Geo News 89.33%

News One 68.87%

SAMAA TV 83.33%

Waqt News 60.56%

Others 60%