US-Afghan Talks:

Here we are with one of the most important and popular news that has been trending in the world today. Number of International as well as local TV channels have been giving prime importance to this new. Because it is one of the biggest news of the world. The news becomes popular in the start of 2000 or you can say that it started late in 90’s. We will cover the entire story from scratch with short description. We will be taking a look at the pre and post events from start that causes US to integrate its army as well as Air force in Afghanistan.

In the past few centuries, the Afghanistan has been center of importance regarding all aspects of life. Having much important geographically location is one of the main attraction point various powerful countries in the world. Let us get started with the discussion from where everything started. The problem started in the late 80’s. In the 80’s, the soviet union is considered as the top most powerful country of the world or you can say that the Soviet Union was super power of the world.

In the 80’s, the USSR have taken control over entire Afghanistan. The occupation was just to make sure that they will get enough room to get access to the warm sea waters. The main reason behind this is that the USSR then and now Russia is covered with ice and glaciers, there is no warm water port at its border. And, all of its neighbors are part of NATO alliance. The members of NATO are allied with the US. And, the US makes sure that Russia will not get any access to warm waters for increasing its economy or you can say that if the Russia get access to warm water, its chances of becoming super power will become more valid and in this way, the US will not have command to do things freely.

But as a matter of fact, now both China and Russia are becoming major threat for the US. Let us get back to the topic now. In the late 90’s the Russian Federation has taken over ports of Afghanistan and Pakistan seeks danger of getting attacked from Afghanistan. Moreover, the US was also determined to restrict Russia from accessing warm waters. Later on, US with Pakistan have established a military force in Afghanistan and named it as Mujahidin. With the excess amount of funding from Saudi Arabia and the US, Pakistan began to train Mujahedeen for war with Russian Federation.

At that time, Pakistan was also seeking revenge of losing the East Pakistan. So, the combined force has then established military force Mujahedeen. Later on they were being called as Taliban. Anyhow, with enough military accessories and capabilities, the Taliban fought well with USSR and defeater them in early 90s and late 80s. After getting defeat in Afghanistan, the Russian Federation broken down into more pieces as some freedom fighters have got freedom and on the other hand, Russia got defeat in Afghanistan. As the USSR army flew from Afghanistan in early 90s, the US army has taken over the Afghanistan, which is not welcomed by Taliban. And, then in early 2000s, the Taliban leader Osama Bin Laden has hijacked airplanes and attacked World Trade Center building in the US.

Soon, after that the US has forced war on the Taliban in 2001. As a result, Pakistan was also pushed into the US-Afghan war because Pakistan was allied with US. And, then the terrorism entered Pakistan and brutally damaged economy as well as infrastructure of Pakistan. Meanwhile, with aid of India, RAW agents have developed anti Pakistan militant groups on the name of Taliban’s and produced security issues in Pakistan. The instability has been on its peak and the militant groups have taken control over the northern areas of Pakistan including those in KPK and Baluchistan.

Meanwhile after 2010, Pakistan pulled itself out of war and started major operations including the Zerb-e-Azab just to ensure the stability and peace in the country. The country has successfully defeated anti Pakistan militant groups and restrained them. However, the US still in war with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Being on the verge of Defeat, the US have been blaming Pakistan for their defeat in Afghanistan. However, the current government in the US has been looking forward to have peace talks with Taliban.

The current government in the US has tried multiple times to have successful peace talks with Taliban. Every time, the peace talks get cancelled due to any particular reason. Now after the recent meeting of Pakistani PM with the President Donald Trump, the relations between both countries have improved much. Meanwhile, the US-Afghan meetings were being held in Pakistan. So far there have been positive replies from both sides. Just like Russian Federation, the US army wants to leave Afghanistan peacefully.

It is expected that the US army will easily leave Afghanistan but the question arises when the army leaves Afghanistan, how worse the situation will be? The peace talk exclusively includes the agreement between Taliban and Afghan government. Because, the US wants no extremism in case US leave Afghanistan. Moreover, it is avoiding clashes between Afghan government and Taliban.