Dramas in Pakistan:

So, what do you know about the dramas. You might be thinking that a drama is pictorial representation of a particular scrip or what. Yes you are right to some extent. A drama is typically more about the display of non fictional or fictional stories or you can say events. The dialogs are being provided to the actors who perform or represents those stories or events. The dialogs can be eiter poetry or prose. It depends upon the particular situation. Nowadays, you might have observed that the dramas can be performed on various levels. The dramas are performed on stage, even on radio and in the films as well. Most of the actors name dramas as plays. And, the creators of those plays are called as playwrights or you can say them dramatists.

Basically, the term drama originates from a Greek word, which means a play or an act. There are numerous ways to give particular drama a dramatic scene or theme. The dramatic situation of a particular play solely depends upon the tension and eagerness of people who are viewing that particular drama. The eagerness and the tension of the drama is increased with the passage of time, as the people expects the upcoming scene depending upon the current situations. But the creators tend to introduce some more dramatic situations with a twist of surprises.

The complete situation of the drama changes dramatically. All of this is done to amaze the audience and get more attraction. This is the reason behind the successful episodes of particular drama and people are excited with a lot of questions in their mind including “What is going to be happened in the next episode” etc. With an interesting climax the drama just releases the existing tensions and builds the base for the new eagerness and tensions. A drama is typically full of mysteries that you can not be able to predict. Most of the times your prediction become right while some of the time you get it wrong.

So this is all about keeping the audience attracted and let them guess what is going to happen in next episode. One of the most important aspects of particular drama is delivering  the right dialogs at the right time. Because, the dialog is the only way to deliver the right information to the audience. As, it helps in accessing the personality of particular person along with his / her feelings, plans and motivations as well.

Dramas’ Types:

Most of the time you see drama and categorize in different categorizes which will be discussed below.  So, depending about the tone, mood as well as actions that dramas are classified into following categories.

Such type of dramas have a lighter tone. Comedy dramas are determined to have a beautiful smile on the face of audience and let them laugh unexpectedly. Such type of dramas contain unexpected situations with diverse friendly dialogs. Most of the times, the characters tend to make fun of some serious situations just to make their audience laugh even if they are in deep sorrow. These types of dramas are part of almost every film, drama or short clip.

These types of dramas are typically more about dark themes. Such type of dramas are subjected to deliver the tragedies regarding the disaster, death or numerous suffering of humans in the current era. The best of example of this is Kashmir issue nowadays. A real world example, where Indian army have murdered thousands of Kashmiris without any particular reason.

 These are some most common part of the drama industry nowadays. Obviously, there are a lot of other drama types that we are not going to discuss but we will name them rather. All other types include Farce, Melodrama, Docudrama and Opera. However, the tragedy and comedy are considered as one of the classic drama types, which are being loved by hundreds of viewer all around the world, Let us find about the famous dramas in Pakistani Drama industry nowadays.

And many other famous drama serials that you might have viewed or those might have received a lot of success in shorter time period. One of them is Sunno chanda. One of the most interesting and awesome drama serial of the current century. Here we will be discussing the drama series Cheekh  for the time being.


Cheekh is one of the top rated Pakistani drama that has received a lot of success now a days. Before going into the deep details lets us know about the cast and production of this drama serial. The drama serial is under production of a well knoe Television and Film actor Fahad Mustafa accompainied with Dr. Ali Kazmi. The drama is being produced under their supervision in their dram production house named as Big Bang Entertainment. The Television drama serial includes the well known actors and actress. The actors and actress in this drama are Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas Khan, Azekah Daniel, Maira Khan, Emmad Irfani and Aijaz Aslam. The most renowned TV actors have made this drama a super TV drama series in the country. The drama showcases the utmost creativity, productivity and acting sense that the audience have appreciated.