Latest Kashmir Issue:

 Since our childhoods we have been seeing the deadliest news about the a particular piece of the worlds, which is being known as Kashmir. Before going into further details let me discuss the geographical importance of Kashmir. Kashmir since the birth of Pakistan and India, is termed as diputed territory of the world. Kashmir is one of the beautiful natural places in the world. With a lot of greenery and eye popping river flows with beautiful meadows, the Kashmir is termed as Jannah of this temporay world.

But who knows about the brutal bloodshed caused by Indians for more than 72 years since independence. With much beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains and forests, Kashmir is one of the beautiful places in the world.  Being a beautiful place in the world, Kashmir is enriched with natural fruits and vegetables beyond your expectations. As a matter of fact, the lack of latest technology just makes it bit difficult for the visitors to live in there. But it is good to have no latest technologies in the backward areas of Kashmir.

The reason is that people used to spend or enjoy beautiful moments of their life in Kashmir. Everything appears more natural and awe inspiring, you donot have to worry about your work and other matters of daily life. But, with heavy artilleries in the beautiful place just damages the beauty of this beautiful place. From the past few weeks, Kashmir has been in the news of almost every news channel in the world. All of this happened just after the BJP the rulling party of Indian Democaracy has just made some important amendments in the constitution on Indian.

From the past 10 or more years, the religious activists under the government of BJP has just crossed limit of cruelity and have been targeting the minorities in India especially Muslims.  All other religions are not feeling peaceful  against extremism of Hindus. The governing political and extremist party of India BJP, has been involved in different extremist acts against Muslims. One of them was demolition of Babary Mosque in Gujrat in early 90’s. The Hindu extremist have murdered hundreds of Muslims at that time and destroyed the Muslims’ Mosque brutally.

At that time, current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, known for his extremists actions all around the world. He is a type of man who always indulges himself in numerous extremist situations for all 365 days. Due to his worst action regarding Kashmir, the chances of nuclear war are its extent. He has been indulging his state and army in huge war of the world. For the past 72 years, both Pakistan and India had 4 destructive wars till date. The first war was 1948 war, where Indian army got a jaw breaking response from Pakistani Army.

Same is the case with the 1965 Indo-Pak war, where both nations have dominated each others territories and Pakistan has destroyed a huge portion of Indian Army. In 1971, Indian Army attract the eastern territory of Pakistan and as a result Bangladesh takes a birth as a new nation in the world. Therefore, till now the 16 December is being considered as black day in the history of Pakistan. Later, both the armies fought a battle of Kargil again in 1999. This time the Pakistani Army has dominated a huge piece of Indian Border and pushed them back in their territory.

All of these wars are being fought between both countries for showing their dominance on Kashmir. However, the violations of cease fire have been started by Indian Army over regular intervals. At the start of current year, the tensions between both the countries arose again with a possibility of a huge war. The cease fire violation from Indian Army, Navy and Airforce has been made in mid of February. As a result, the Indian Army received a befitting response from Pakistani Army, Air force, and Navy. At the end of February, the Indian Airforce violated the Pakistani Air space and claimed to have killed more than 300 terrorist and mean while Pakistan denies all that tragedy with proofs.

And a day after, Pakistan Air force retaliated with a super surprise and targeted various locations across LOC. Meanwhile, the Indian Airforce warcrafts entered Pakistani Air space and get caught and shot down immediately. However India still denies that truth. On the other hand, Pakistan has proved them wrong with proofs. Pakistan shot down two Indian Jets  and caught Indian Pilot. The Indian Pilot was then released by Pakistani Authorities few days after that tragic situation as a good will gesture.

However, the Indian Army continues to violate the ceasefire across LOC and murdered dozens of Pakistanis living across the LOC. This is the preface of the situation till date. Soon after the amendment in the constitutions. The Indian Government has pushed thousands of Army personels in IOK to keep things in their control. But, the Kashmiri’s want freedom and desire to become a part of Pakistan. However, the Pakistani officials have reached all their neighbors and friends to support on Kashmir cause. Pakistan has cut down all trade and diplomatic ties with Indian and pushed the Kashmir case in UN assembly. Most of the International organizations have already condemn this act of India.




  K-Pop short for Korean-Pop is not a new word you will hear on the internet or yourdaily entertainment news channel. The tropical hair color, the unique makeup, the dancing moves, the transitional music videos and most importantly the Korean lingo had turned this music generic into sort of a music genre. The world is loaded of fresh art, music, movies and all other sorts of entertainment but K-pop has its uniqueness. Whenever you will hear the word ‘’k-pop’’ a band will come into your mind with pink, blue and other neon colored hairs, eyes dunk in black liner, rosy-pinkish lips and glass plain skin. In this article, Lets discussthe unique beauty of k-pop:

The Outfits and the Hues:

Traditionally Koreans wear Hanbok which colors represent different concepts like unmarried ladies donned yellow to demonstrate their chastity, while couples sported red during their wedding function to symbolize favorable luck and riches. Other than that, the more hues and examples, for example, mythical beasts and tigers showed eminence or honorability. It’s a well-known fact that Korean artists are respected for their dance and songs, yet numerous individuals likewise admire them to pick up understanding into the following trends. The vast majority of the outfits worn by K-Idols might be too style forward to wear, in actuality, and are expected to be worn in front of an audience, however the key is with some restraint — simply select a few styles to consolidate in your everyday wear, and don't attempt them all simultaneously.

Celebrity Temperament:

K-pop has seemingly taken the idea of blending vocals with move moves to its zenith. Be that as it may, culminating each progression of these quick paced, extravagantly arranged move schedules, music recordings, live exhibitions and fiercely mainstream practice sessions posted on the web we can easily distinguish K-celebs by their unique and eye catching personality. K-Idols are not afraid of colors yet they like to play along with it. Rainbow colored stripes, tropical hairdos, tie-dye, statement jackets, uniform, long coats, subtle makeup and the slandered sparkle are signature sings of Korean celebrities in all over the world.

The extreme challenge extends to incorporate K-pop opponents competing to top the outlines just as the ever-more youthful new alumni entering the business every year.


Just like other Asian countries, SouthKorea students require to learn the English language from an early stage. Korean singers took advantage of this early learning and mixed the English language with their traditional Korean language. This mixture of culture among their music videos and song lyrics is one of the main reason for their popularity all over the world. Not all the people know about what the word ‘Ayego’ means or you say sweetheart as ‘oppa’ inthe Korean language and even they say love has no language but to express love in the Korean language you will say ‘Saranghae’. This language mixture made the K-culture more popular not only in Asian countries but also more accessible in the west world.


Korean stars are just limited to acting, singing or dancing yet they like to test their diversity in all roles of the entertainment industry. Mostly, an actor is as talented as a singer or dancer for example, in the most popular series of 2018 My ID is Gangnam Beautyactor Cha Eun-woo was a member of the South Korean boy band named Astro. Also, the famous singer Bae Suzy of girl group Miss A under JYP entertainment challenged her luck in the drama industry and become famous only in a number of days. A long way from the slender showcasing ploy that blend singing and acting acts in American and European culture regularly are, K-stars are skilled.

Gangnam Style to BTS:

Not so long ago when in 2012 The Gangnam Style music video became the very first video to reach 1 billion views on the YouTube and topped the South Korean music chart. Its dance became so famous that even the politicians like David Cameron and the president of U.S. Barack Obama attempted it. Since then, it had broken the maximum view limit of 9,223,372,036,854,775,808, or more than nine quintillions.

But the Korean wave of culture is not just limited to this extent, the famous boy band with all the up-mentioned characteristics ‘’BTS’’ is currently the reason forthe success and popularity of this decade. BTS stands for BangTon Boys. This seven membered group originally started their music career as hip-hop genre but with the passage of time their music evolved. Most of their lyrics contain current world personal and social issues and problems like mental health, educational issues, Youth tensions, and most importantly self-love. Their music videos with the latest effects, unique dancing moves, signature tropical hair and most significantly English-Korean mixture helped them to win hearts all over the world. They won several award all over the world like The Billboard Music Awards, Several Asian Artist Awards, and American Music Award.

Famous Korean Songs:

If you are a beginner to K-world then there is a list of best Korean songs for you to follow-up:

  • Bad Girl, Good Girl by Lee Hyroi (2010)
  • Gentlemen by Psy (2013)
  • Tell Me One More Time by Jinusean ft Ailee (2015)
  • Gotta Talk to You by Seungri (2013)
  • FxxK It by Big Bang (2016)
  • Yes I Am by Mamamoo (2017)
  • Girls Like Us by TWICE
  • Palette by IU ft. G-Dragon
  • Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet
  • Daddy by PSY (2015)
  • Fake Love (Rocking vibe) by BTS (2018)
  • Ko Ko Bop by EXO (2017)
  • Boy with Luv by BTS(2019)


Hollywood Movies:

So you might have heard about the top most movies production house. Obviously, I am going to discuss about Hollywood. It is considered as one of the most profitable entertainment business in the world. Hollywood is making millions of dollars as profit revenue from its block blustering films that have been posted over the recent years.

The films have made enough revenue to support the industry in case of any downfall. Moreover, the Hollywood movies have played an important role in uplifting tourism revenue of particular country. Some of the Hollywood movies just entitles the historic vensues of particular place with a brief detail that inspire people to go there and get some more information about history. Moreover, you can also get a great inspiration from history including the way of their living along with their culture and standards of doing business.

 Top actors:

So, you all know that the workers in particular field are the main aspects in promoting and broadcasting the positive aspects of that field. If we take a look at the Hollywood entertainment industry then several legends will come into our mind. So, in this section we will be highlighting the top most rated and favorite actors that have transformed both drama and film Industry:

  • Tom Hanks
  • Robert Downey. Jr.
  • Tom Cruise
  • Johnny Depp
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Will Smith
  • Adam Sandler
  • Smauel L. Jackson
  • Matt Damon
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Robert De Niro
  • Brad Pitt
  • Denzel Washington

So these are the top rated actors that have inspired you with their acting skills. Their actions as well as the way of delivering dialogs are just amazing to watch. The actors from different fields have performed exceptionally well in delivering the highest profitable films that are welcomed by millions of viewers all around the world.

Top favorite films:

Here we will discuss about the top rate movies that have inspired a lot of viewers from all over the world. So, you might have seen the top trending movies such as Titanic, which can be termed as documentary film. The films was based on the story of legendary ship, which is considered as humongous moving object ever built in the world. Let us get back to the section of top rate Hollywood films of all time:

  • The Dark Knight
  • Avengers Endgame
  • The Avengers 2012
  • Titanic 1997
  • Avatar 2009
  • Avengers Infinity war 2018
  • Inception 2010
  • The Godfather 1972
  • Star Wars 2015
  • Black Panthar 2018
  • The Shawshank Redemption 1994
  • Captain America Civil War 2016
  • Mission Impossible Fallout 2018

So, I can expect that you might have seen most of the above mentioned movies. Just like Titanic, the above mentioned movies have earned a lot of profit in different times.


Highest profitable film:

In the above section I have mentioned some top rated movie of all time. So you might be thinking that how a particular movie is being categorized as one of the top most rated and profitable movie of all time. The process is simple. Because, a movie with less budget along with enormous number of ticket sales results in huge profit. So keeping in view the revenue generated from different stream is also the main aspect of profit calculation. Here, I am going to enlist the top most profitable movies of the well known entertainment industry.

  • Avatar
  • Avengers Endgame
  • Titanic
  • Star Wars
  • Avengers Infinity War
  • Jurrassic world
  • Marvel’s the Avengers
  • Furious 7

As you all know that the Avatar was released back in 2009 and has received a lot of success during its early release. However, the movie is still earning a lot of profit. Just like Avatar, the Avengers which was released last year has broken record of all profitable movies and manages to make 2nd spot just after Avatar. It is to be noted that the highest profitable movie is listed at the top and the others are following it.

Highest paid actors:

Just like the highest profitable movies in this entertainment industry, there are numerous actors which are dominating the film industry with their jaw breaking acting skills. The perfect combination of action and dialogs have made several actors legend. The first legend that comes to my mind while hearing Hollywood is Tom Cruise with hi blistering mission Impossible. And the second one is Dwayne Johnson, a former WWE superstar.

  • Robert Downey, Jr.
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Jackie Chan
  • Will Smith
  • Scarlett Johannson

And many more.

Obviously, there are a lot of other actors and actress that have been paid millions of bucks. The film directors and producers are paying them because of their enormous skills that people love to watch in every film.

Upcoming films:

So, you might be excited about knowing the best and most interesting films that will be making their way to the market. Here are the top most awaiting films of the current era that you will love to watch:

  • Rambo: Last Blood
  • Gemini Man
  • Zombieland Double Trap
  • Terminator Dark Fate
  • Avatar 2
  • Frozen 2
  • Fast & Furious 9
  • Top Gun Maverick

Famous Korean Dramas:

Korean stars are not just limited to acting, singing or dancing yet they like to test their diversity in all roles of the entertainment industry. Mostly, a Korean actor is as talented as a singer or dancer for example, in the most popular series of 2018 My ID is Gangnam Beautyactor Cha Eun-woo was a member of the South Korean boy band named Astro. Also, the famous singer Bae Suzy of girl group Miss A under JYP entertainment challenged her luck in the drama industry and became famous only in some days. A long way from the slender showcasing ploy that blend singing and acting acts in American and European culture regularly, K-stars are skilled in it.

Not all the people know about what the word ‘Ayego’ means or you say sweetheart as ‘oppa’ in the Korean language and even they say love has no language but to express love in the Korean language you will say ‘Saranghae’. This language mixture made the K-culture more popular not only in Asian countries but also more accessible in the west world. So if you are a fan of K-entertainment and want to explore their drama industry so we have a list of super hit dramas for you:

Boys over flowers:

From the earliest starting point, you will appreciate the storyline and its progress (well it went out to be amazing). Rom-Com dramas are not a new thing in the drama industry but many of them got you bored and tired.Be that as it may, this one will feel rather reviving and despite the fact that you haven't completed you can still want to dive into the K-world.

Now talking about characters- GeumJan-di became the super-girl from the moment she stepped in (I mean who doesn't like a strong female protagonist).  Goo Joon-Pyoplayed by our king of hearts none other than Lee Min Ho was every teenage girl’s bad boy dream. Initially, his character was depicted as an arrogant, egotistic and spoiled rich kid who gave a tough time to Joon pyo.

The Heirs:

The Heirs –the drama I am living for. If you didn’t like the drama series boys over flowers and find a bit childish then surely give a try to this best super hit k drama. The cast is pretty amazing including Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Hyung Shik, Krystal, Kim Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul. Our king, Lee Min Hu plays the role of the lover every girl dreams about Kim Tan. You will wonder how the director even managed to keep them all in a single drama! Seeing the cast itself will make one excited about it. It was fun to watch all the characters. The plot was not something new, it was kind of predictable. You may find it confusing at the beginning because it is a bit complex how all the characters are related to one another.Everyone in the drama is rich except for Park shin hye. Her character is kind of simple which was able to attract Kim Tan and Cha Young do’s attention. You may feel pity at some point for Kim woo bin and even may pity Kim ji won.

One thing I’m sure about you will love the way how Kim tan deals with his thoughts and how he loves his girl with his heart and thinks that love would be enough for him to live instead of being an heir of a rich and successful organization.Kim Woo-bin teaches us that true love isn't always what we get but for it the respect and care.

W –The Two Worlds:

This drama series is a heaven for comics and K-vibe series fans as it is a mixture of them both. The prince charming, the handsome and the oppa Lee Jong Suk is the main lead with fellow actress Han Hyo-joo. It's one of the unique storylinesyou will watch in a k-drama. If you are tired of typical happy endings and silly romantic type of dramas then this drama serial has everything. I’m sure you will be glued to the story and kept on watching the next episode to find out what happens next.

The drama revolves around two worlds one the real world just like us and the other is in a comic book. The gate between both the worlds is a graphic designing tool. Kang Chul, the male lead plays an amazing job of a super intelligent billionaire and had a lovely personality that every girl will die for.  The female lead Yeonis a physician and perfectly shows a beautiful chemistry between her and the Lee Jong Suk. Moreover, The CGs and sketching in the whole drama were so on point. In short, a romantic-action drama series everyone wants.

Descendants of the Sun:

This Army-Medical drama won the hearts of viewers from all over the world. One of the finniest drama series that shows the relationship of two working professionals from differentfailed is very difficult. The hero Son Joong Ki being the soldier and the heroine Song Hye-kye being doctor, start to date but due to some situations ends up in a breakup. This show has a beautiful essence of love,fun, and music. If u like action comedy and romance this is a complete package of all.